A recollection of Humbleness


The wind swirls around the skies in a sudden movement only to drift the clouds from down the valley towards the sunset.

P1020831The forest violet bell blossoms at the edge of the woods only to grace the path with his fragrant beauty.

And the rainbow rises onto the night-falling pink skies only to the awe and wonder of our souls…

Everything in its right place.

People unveil their presence just as the wind, they pop up into our lives just like flowers, blossom and spread their seeds so we can grow together.

And when they’re gone, the shivers of sadness don’t crawl upon our souls because our souls bear the connection of all eternal things.

Gratefulness to the great rainbow within.

And when the time to move has come, we acknowledge the oblivion of living outside of nature, away from the rainbow…but that’s just to be reminded of our basic humbleness on this earth.

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