About us

Located at the beautiful Western Romanian Carpathian Mountains and integrated in a region with a rich historical context, Aurora Community is an intentional, eco-spiritual community and a learning center actively working to be an example for a low impact lifestyle on the ecosystems of the planet spreading a more simple way of living, with grace, beauty and meaning, a healing space for reconnection with nature, permaculture practices and a lighthouse for community building and sustainable practices in the region and abroad.

The project was born in February 2013 with 2 members and it is now a thriving group of people committed to manifest a common vision of peace and abundance for present and future generations of all beings, living together in harmony, united in diversity.

All of the members have a similar story to tell. A story of life and personal transformation downshifting from the comforts of the city to the simplicity of the countryside and a more connected lifestyle with Nature, moved by the Love for life and the will to preserve it, supported by a longing for a new humanity on Earth, awakening from a long deep sleep to an new consciousness and a heart relationship with the Planet.

Working for self-sufficiency and sustainability at the economical, social, ecological and cultural levels, the community has a common daily practice of meditation and yoga and is moved by a deep sense of individual and collective healing through the transcendence of the “I” and the “Mine”, offering its work in service for the common good.