Workshops and Seminars

If you can’t come to us, we will come to you.

The projects and events organized by our community (social, economic, educational, local or regional) are managed by Aurora Circle and its supporting members. See the Agenda for more details.

If you are a community, a working group, an organization, an ethical business and you need guidance, consultancy or accompaniment on sustainability areas, decision making, individual and collective transformation processes, personal development and inner growth we can help you designing the best way for you to follow your dreams and accomplish your needs. Please contact us.

We offer:

– Experiential Deep Ecology – based on The Work That Reconnects, inspired by Joanna Macy.
An inner journey weekend workshop. Through practical exercises and various group dynamics, an introduction to what may be the understanding of Deep Ecology, will be provided. This workshop is an opportunity to deepen responses, on individual and collective levels, to the complexity of our present times and an intense living experience of reconnection with ourselves, with others and with nature.

Open Heart – Social tools for group building.
A workshop that can be a profound experience of change at individual and collective level. You will learn and practice: Forum, Fishbowl, Open Space, World Cafe, Decision Making. A space of mutual support will be created allowing the groups to grow in trust, discover useful tools for conflict transformation and build strong, lasting, healthy, transparent relationships, sustained by openness, sharing and cooperation.
We can provide short time weekend workshops or longer programs.

Hatha Yoga – Introduction to principles and practice.
A weekend workshop that summarizes the yoga philosophy in 5 principles making the complex teachings of yoga easier to understand. Students will learn: 5 Yoga principles; Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation); 12 basic Yoga postures; Pranayama techniques; Relaxation.

Aurora Community – Presentation.

– Ecovillage Movement, Sustainable lifestyles, Permaculture, Transition Towns and Dragon Dreaming – Talks, presentation and information.