Join us

Please join us to create a place of peace and harmony,
where love prevails and compassion rules.
A place where children can grow in freedom, knowledge and wisdom.
A place where we can teach them to work with Nature.
Where they can learn to live in cooperation,
because only united we can succeed.

Please join us to bring up a place of joy, goodwill and gratitude
for all that we have, for just being right here, right now.
A place where all beings can find happiness.
A place of sharing, of wisdom, prayer and faith.
A place where we can all be less dependent and more free.
Free from lies, free from misery, free from anger, free from suffering and fear.

Please join us to build a place where we can live in Consciousness,
in union with Earth and Heaven.
A place where the sun and the rain appear at the right time.
A place where the water, the air and the land are clean
and the animals and the plants are respected.
A place where we can live in truth.

Please join us to raise a place where we will no longer have to run or hide from others,
but where we can face each other, stand together and find Ourselves.