Of mice and men

I’ve never red this book, but I have a feeling my interest towards it is growing with each day spent in Aurora. One can literally say that now we are a community of humans and mice, experiencing a lil’ bit of hard time on achieving harmony together. It is not that we don’t like each other – we have already overcame that critical moment of glancing into each other’s eyes – it’s just that we’re systematically failing on holding the space together. If we could at least hold on to the same schedule! What it usually happens is that during morning meditation or sleeping hours, one mouse or the other becomes relentless in his pursuit of feeding or snatching food for the coming winter. Making confetti out of scrap paper, cracking bags of cereals or playing nut bowling under the bed is simply their way to revel in life’s abundance. Boredom is basically unknown to a mouse as digging tunnels to reach the untapped corners of the house occupies most of his time. Devoid of any fear, he is able to face dangerous situations like crossing Claudian’s sheets in the night or sneaking into the bread toaster early morning. For this little fellow in the picture the latter ended up with two whole fasting days spent inside a pot before being relocated to a more natural environment.

We’re still pondering on how to get by together in a peaceful way, without defying ourselves each time we’re over-crossing our borderlines. For the time being, the mice at Aurora are working diligently just like in Ana’s joke: One mouse is crunching a film roll. The other one is asking: How is it? Well, I have to admit the book was better.

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