Terra Livre

Launched in August 2013, Terra Livre is the heart project of Aurora Community and it works as a fundraising platform to buy and free endangered forest and protect biodiversity. It’s a global movement for the liberation of the Land, longing to create a greater awareness on the sacredness of the Land and the role of humans as Earth Guardians, bringing into the individual and collective consciousness the need to review terms such as “owner” and “ownership.”

Terra Livre is a call for the reconnection with ourselves, with others and with nature. It’s a movement for a life sustaining society, walking into a more connected lifestyle and a more caring attitude towards nature, protecting the land and the forest, encouraging the preservation of the environment, wildlife and biodiversity.

Terra Livre started the fundraising to buy and free the 10ha of land and forest that are now being cared by Aurora Community.

Know more: www.terra-livre.org

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