The Vision

The Vision

We believe in peace and abundance for present and future generations, living sustainably, united in diversity.

The Mission

Aurora is a project for a community and learning center in service for the common good.
We aim to be an example for environmental, social, cultural and economical aspects for sustainability and actively support the emergence of other community lead projects.

We encourage a simple way of living in peace and harmony with nature supporting the Permaculture principles: care for the earth, care for the people and fair share.

We believe we can have an impact on society by being an example as a community, working on individual and collective levels through daily practices and education on sustainability, non-violent communication, Deep Ecology, Permaculture, Yoga and Meditation.

We are a spiritual community that values the preservation of ancestral culture and wisdom.

Aurora means the sunrise, and when the sun rises is not just for us or you, is for All, is a Gift.
Most of our events and workshops are organized from the donations of the participants, in accordance with the principles of Gift Economy. On Gift Economy we ensure that everyone can access the events and also encouraging the participants to take responsibility for the next events to take place and benefit others.