A week with the bees


It was a rainy week but still intensive, like any other week in Aurora.
After the long and hard work to prepare the permaculture garden and the raised beds, the garden is now full seeded and the rain was much welcomed.

The lettuce, the spinach and the onions are growing in full power and some are so big that we are already sharing with the neighbors!


After the long winter is amazing to see how much work was done since we arrived here.

We are also very happy to present the new residents… the bees!
They did a long journey to get here, and we had to be very attentive all the time to make sure they where comfortable and healthy.

A huge THANK YOU to the neighbors and friends! Some hives weight over 40kg, and without their help it wouldn’t have been possible to transport them up here. It was hard work to all. Nevertheless, the bees behaved very well and we are really proud of them!

As a GEN Europe representative, Claudian was invited to participate on a working session for Baltic Ecovillages project, in Finland!  The bonus was to find a rare specie of cows – there are less than 500 in the world! – and to swim at the beautiful lake after sauna!



On the way, he made a Transition Towns presentation at the launching of Brasov In Tranzitie initiative and finally, back home, by the end of the week, still found time and energy to start building the solar showers! We hope to get them ready, on time, for the permaculture design course, happening from 13 to 25 June.

Uffffff… all this in one week!!

It was intensive!! But it’s good to be here and… the salads never tasted so good 🙂

Ah! Not to forget, the song for the week:
Remember “Sweet Harmony” from “The Beloved”?!
Well, check it out please!


The lyrics are great and we dedicate them to all our beloved friends 🙂

“Let’s come together,
right now,
oh yeah,
in sweet harmony”

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