We want to provide the best conditions to our community and visitors. A multi-use space to serve as seminar/workshops and classroom room is needed. We thought of a beautiful DOME structure. Also the meditation and yoga room needs to move, from the house, to where it belongs: the Temple. We thought of a beautiful ZOME structure. And last but not the least, as the number of visitors and volunteers increases, we need better accommodations for all. For that, we thought of retrofitting our old Barn.

Your contribution is important. Thank you!

Temple 20.000 EUR

A space for the silence.

  • Yoga & Meditation
  • Retreats
Launching Soon

Retrofitting the Barn 4.440 EUR

A shelter for visitors and volunteers.

  • Housing
  • Eating
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Multiuse space 15,000 EUR

Best conditions to host events.

  • Seminars
  • Workshops & Classrooms
Launching Soon

May all the particles of the Universe, even the darkest spots, be permeated by Love.
May the Light shine on this Planet through the quiet mind and pure hearts of Man and may the Divine Plan be restored on Earth.

Aurora's Wish

TOTAL 15.000 EUR raised to buy and free the land. Love and Gratitude to all our supporters.