Forest protection

Community engagement in the conservation, regeneration and management of natural landscapes. “Leaving forests in communal hands cuts carbon emissions from deforestation, helps communities and offers long-term economic benefits: Everyone wins”. The Earthguardians movement aims to create more awareness to the concept and benefits of communal land keeping over private ownership, to brings into visibility the role of humans as caretakers and inspire others to do so. Aurora Community is taking care of 20 hectares of land and forest.

Terra Livre

We don't want to save the forest. We want to create a world where the forest doesn't need to be saved. Forests and natural landscapes are living miracles that need to be preserved if we want to minimize the effects of climate change. For the benefit of present and future generations of all beings on the Planet. With the support of Terra Livre, Aurora Community is currently crowdfunding to protect 45hectares of the surrounding forest from being destroyed by logging companies. Know more.


Aurora Community is a space of co-creation where members and visitors are invited to contribute for a healthy, sustainable and participatory economy, in order to provide the best conditions to all. At the moment, Aurora Community is currently fundraising to:
- Acquire a Dome structure to serve as a multi use space for seminars, workshops, yoga classes and meditation.
- Retrofit an old Barn to serve as common eating area.
- Buy a greenhouse for the kitchen garden.
- Buy the surrounding forest and protect its biodiversity from the greedy logging companies operating in the region.

Thank you!

Dome 15.000€

Best conditions to host events.

  • Seminars, Workshops
  • Yoga classes, Meditation

Retrofitting the Barn 5.000€

Common eating space.

  • Storage, Kitchen
  • Eating
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Greenhouse 1,000€

Growing food at 900m altitude.

  • Provide more food options
  • Start seedlings

Earthguardians 70.000€

Buy to Protect 45ha of endangered forest.

  • Nature conservation
  • Wildlife protection
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TOTAL 15.000 EUR raised to buy and protect 10ha of land and forest. Gratitude to all the supporters.