Danube Communities Convergence

The first event in Aurora, the Danube Communities Convergence, happened from 25 to 30 of June!
Several structures, a summer kitchen, a provisional classroom, dry toilets and solar showers, were built, to provide the necessary conditions to receive all the participants and volunteers willing to engage Aurora.

After an arduous preparation with a fantastic team of volunteers and organization, Aurora received 50 people from 7 different countries and for 5 days we all worked intensively together to create a space of trust and community among such a diverse group of people. Moments of great emotional intensity were experienced and many ideas have emerged to expand and continue this work in the future.

Ah! And, it has to be said that the food was delicious thanks to a great kitchen team and volunteers! Aurora is also proud to announce that all the daily fresh salads, were provided by the beautiful Permaculture Garden!

It was a success!
Thank you all.

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